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LAST UPDATE 09:49 30/10/15

- As i'm on the road next month there will be a limited edition Tour EP, which will be Physical CD's in Japan and Paris and limited free download codes at the Berlin and Madrid shows. it will also be available for download on bandcamp from the 14th November till the 20th December, so get it while it's available! The EP contains new unreleased tracks and alternitive versions of some well known tracks i've released. exciting!

- New 10'' vinyl coming out at the end of 2015 or early 2016 on Rave or Die, featuring a locked groove, exciting times!!! keep your eyes peeled!!!

- Attack Magazine featured a studio tour, where i talk about my gear and tell stories about them Read all about it

- Did a mix (or rather a podcast) With some new tunes for ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS Listen Here

- cma swag, t-shirts, mugs and all the 'tat' you want, with some new and old designs to choose from here

- got a tape coming out on Acid Waxa pretty soon, just waiting for the artwork to be completed, you'll know when i know!

- Rightous Acid Beats EP on Computer controlled Records is now out, getting rave reviews all over the globe, richie hawtin and laurent gardier are fans, so go get it asap! - check out juno to order it Here

- I did a rare interview for Null+Void along with a brand new DJ mix read what's been said Here

- I have 2 brand new tracks out, ''Broken Ambulance'' & ''Gnammi'', on the 'TB-303 Owners club compilation - com.pil.ed'' download it free from Here

- Both 12'' 'the acid that ate bournemouth'(Don't) & 'Phantacy' (shipwrec) have all sold out, don't fear as you can get both 12'' from discogs for good prices, the acid that ate bournemouth here & Phantacy HERE





14th November - LIVE in Berlin. Talking Machines @ Griessmuehle
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Chris Moss Acid - Japan Tour 2015
18th November - DJ set on Dommune
20th November - Glad/lounge NEO, Tokyo
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22nd November - Rockets, Osaka (more info to come)
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27th November - LIVE in Paris. ACID AVENGERS w/ DMX Krew, Chris Moss Acid, Jaquarius, Rendez-vous jamais @ la Java
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19th December - Madrid (more info to come)