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LAST UPDATE - 12:56 28/01/15

- The 3rd Vinyl of the year has been announced on belfast's Computer Controlled Records, The 5 track EP is called ''Righetous Acid Beats EP'' and there is a teaser above, more info on release dates soon!

- teasers have been put out - Phantacy EP on the top Shipwrec Label ! more info.Pre-orders check this

- A new digital 4 track Drum N' Bass/Jungle/Bass EP is now available under the Guise Agent 10 buy Vol.1 Here

- The Acid That Ate Bournemouth E.P is now -available- to pre-order follow the link to grab it while it's hot! Pre-Order

- I have 2 new tracks on a superb compilation, NXNW#1, curated by a buddy of mine, Drvg Cvltvre, which features a Chris Moss Acid remix of Drvg Cvltvres ''Robodentron'' and a original weird acid tune, with lots of reverse bits and a nicely reverbed 303, NXNW#1 also has loads of diffrent styles of electronic music by some great people! its great! - listen/buy/get the compilation

- Download an all new Re-master of ''Slam The Box E.P'' with a new remix of ''Acid Thump'' Here

- ''Tropical'' is out, put a bit of summer in your winter! THIS ALBUM IS NOW FREE UNTIL THE NEW YEAR! ENJOY! Here

-Also out is Drvg Cvltvre's new 12'' on shipwrec featuring a track co-written by me ''Acid Flash''. Is now available to buy at Juno and all other good record stores, it also got a great review in the Guardian too!

- Having problems tracking down chris moss acid vinyls? check Discogs for hard to find OOP Records for reasonable prices - HERE





Terminal 3rd Birthday
Saturday 7th February 2015 - The Winchester, 39 Poole Hill, The Triangle, BH2 5PW. Bournemouth
Facebook Event Page/Ticket Links Here

Oops, ACID
Friday 20th February 2015 - Kavka Jc, Oudaan 14, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium. Facebook Event Page/Ticket Links Here