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LAST UPDATE - 22:15 2/10/15

- New 10'' vinyl coming out at the end of 2015 or early 2016 on Rave or Die, featuring a locked groove, exciting times!!! keep your eyes peeled!!!

- Did a mix, or rather a podcast, (not really mixing at all) for ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS which will be available to check out in the next few weeks!!

- buy some cma swag, t-shirts, mugs and all the 'tat' you want, with some new and old designs to choose from here

- got a tape coming out on Acid Waxa pretty soon, just waiting for the artwork to be completed, you'll know when i know!

- Rightous Acid Beats EP on Computer controlled Records is now out, getting rave reviews all over the globe, richie hawtin and laurent gardier are fans, so go get it asap! - check out juno to order it Here

- I love to play, Phfancy booking me? looking for gigs in 2016 and the rest of 2015
- keep your eyes peeled for a special attack magazine tour of my studio, sometime soon

- I did a rare interview for Null+Void along with a brand new DJ mix read what's been said Here

- I have 2 brand new tracks out, ''Broken Ambulance'' & ''Gnammi'', on the 'TB-303 Owners club compilation - com.pil.ed'' download it free from Here

- Both 12'' 'the acid that ate bournemouth'(Don't) & 'Phantacy' (shipwrec) have all sold out, don't fear as you can get both 12'' from discogs for good prices, the acid that ate bournemouth here & Phantacy HERE





Chris Moss Acid - Japan Tour 2015
18th November - DJ set on Dommune
20th November - Glad/lounge NEO, Tokyo (more info to come)
22nd November - Rockets, Osaka (more info to come)

27th November - Paris (more info to come)

18th December - Madrid (more info to come)