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Updated - 00:44am on the 18th August 2014

- Two brand new records on 2 diffrent labels are all finished and will be out around october, 1 is being cut on thursday! more info to come on the 2 EP's Titles and Record Labels Soon!! very excited!

- In Northampton DJing this Saturday (23rd Aug) see the event poster/event page below!

- Download an all new Re-master of ''Slam The Box'' with a new remix of ''Acid Thump'' Here

- ''Tropical'' is out, get it before summers over! Here

- My latest 12'' - SLAM THE BOX - is now out on Mathematics, you can get it from all good record stores like; BoomKat,PhonicaRecords,Amoeba,GrooveDis,Juno & Clone.nl

-Also out is Drvg Cvltvre's new 12'' on shipwrec featuring a track co-written by me ''Acid Flash''. Is now available to buy at Juno and all other good record stores, it also got a great review in the Guardian too!

- Having problems tracking down chris moss acid vinyls? check Discogs for hard to find OOP Records for reasonable prices - HERE





Saturday 23rd Aug 2014 - The Garibaldi Hotel, Northampton - Facebook Event Page Here