Thanks for getting in touch with me for a Booking.

to make things easier prior to booking here is some infomation.


1) A LIVE set is a Hardware based Live performance, using (at most) a TB-303, SH-101, MPC1000, TR-707, Laptop & FX

2) If it's possible, it would always be easier to borrow Equipment if at all possible, more so the SH-101, it also keeps the baggage weight down too, which is cheaper!

3) MIXERS- Most of the time (unless the promoter either can't find one (which is rare in this field of music) or wants to pay for extra baggage weight 25kg+ i could bring my own mixer), I would need to borrow a submixer; 8 channels - Mackies, Soundcrafts ect; but *Absolutely* no Behringers, they are problematic

4) SPACE! - Please be aware in a live set senario I need alot of space to set up my equipment, crunching me up in a DJ booth isn't going to work (most of the time). A big long/wide table will just fine, and also if possbile an empty beer crate or a laptop holder will also be needed to put my laptop on, most clubs have these, so normally this isn't a problem, but beware just-in case!

5) SOUND CHECK / SETTING UP - Please allow 15 minutes to set up and another 20 minutes maximum for a soundcheck. Most of the time, this is in fact a requirement of the event's sound engineer, which suits me just fine.

6) SET LENGTH - These days I can go up to 1h30m in my live set, but minimum set length is 1 Hour. anything less there is no point travelling

7) RECORDINGS - While some people get genuinely offended by people wanting to record their sets, I encourage the recording of my Live set, especailly if the party is part of a Label night, and you want to use it for a podcast ect; bootlegs. all fine by me, i would request to hear the recording before being published on the internet, just for quality control for myself :-)



1) A DJ set is a Laptop with a controller based DJ set.

2) Equipment - This bit is really easy and simple, all I require for a DJ set is a Pioneer DJM, or something similer. These are pretty much standard in any nightclub, so 99% of the time you don't need to worry about anything, which is always nice.

3) SETTING UP - No need for a soundcheck, or anything like that, maybe a line test via the sound engineer is just fine. it's pretty much plug and play! easy for everyone!

4) SET LENGTH - Minimum set length for a DJ set is no less then 1h30 min and no more then 3hours. after 3 hours it gets a bit weird and i stat playing Fleetwood Mac or Gabba..

5) RECORDINGS - Feel free to record if you want / if i remember to record it i will.



1) I am based in the south of England
a) I can fly from 4 Airports; Bournemouth, Southampton, Heathrow & Gatwick. Stanstead is too far away and an absolute nightmare to get to. (unless the promoter wants to book an overnight hotel stay the day before I fly).
b) Paris or Brussels, The Eurostar is far easier then catching a plane.
c) If it is a LIVE set I will require minimum of 21kg for my Suitcase, If it is a DJ set, I only require carry on lugagge.

2) Travel also includes Train/Coach fare to and from the Airport in the UK. Normally it isn't much & if it is a train journey I do have a Rail Pass, which makes it considerbally cheaper..

3) Sometimes it is cheaper to fly a day before the party (thursday or Fridays) and fly back a day after (Sunday or Monday), whilst also cheaper, flying home a day after the party is also much welcomed, but sometimes it may not workout flying home a day after, so it's always nicer getting a later fight home, especailly if the party finishes in the early mornings.



1) Hotels and AIRBnB's are always first choice. Depending on the City, Closer to the Venue the better, if it's not such a big city then anywhere is fine.

2) If it is a Hotel, please have a late checkout, especially if i leave the same day as the party finishes. the more sleep i have the happier i will be ;-)



1) Please try and pay all the fee at the same time, paying half in cash then half days after is acceptable if there is absolutely other choice, but it is usually much nicer not having to chase the payments around days later.

2) Either Cash or bank transfer payments only, with Bank transfer as long as the transfer goes through on the day of the party or before.

3) *Absolutely* no Paypal transactions.

Last of all, please no time wasters, if you get in touch and everything is fine, please commit to the booking, there has been a few times people have pretty much booked me and then left me hanging, thus missing out on other potential bookings which is very annoying. Communication is a great thing to have, if there is a problem, let me know, i am only human, i would understand more if you explain what is happening, then not explain anything at all. Let's Party!

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