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2/12/16 - Moog Club, Barcelona - Live Set

18/11/16 - Studio 24, Edinburgh, Scotland - Live Set

17/11/16 - Suicide Circus, Berlin - Live Set

16/11/16 - Prague, Czech Republik - Live Set

11/11/16 - Killekill vs Newtrack, Gibus Club, Paris - Dj Set

10/11/16 - Rinse FM France, Paris - DJ Set

15/08/16 - Looselips, Radio Meatransmission, London - DJ Set

05/08/16 - LooseLips, Hackney Wick, London - Dj Set

15/06/16 - Doornroojie, Nijmegen, Netherlands - DJ Set

27/03/16 - Syndrom, les caves lechapelias, Paris - Live Set

14/03/16 - Killekill, Suicide circus, Berlin - Live Set


18/12/15 - Specka, Madrid, Spain - Live Set

27/11/15 - La Java, Paris, France - Live Set

22/11/15 - Rockets, Osaka, Japan - Live Set

20/11/15 - Glad Lounge.NEO, Tokyo, Japan - DJ SET

19/11/15 - Bewave, Radio set, Tokyo, Japan - DJ Set

18/11/15 - Dommonue, Tokyo, Japan - DJ SET

14/11/15 - Talking Machines, Griessmuehle, Berlin, Germany - Live Set

12/8/15 - The Acid Legacy, Le Zoo Geneva, Swizerland - Live Set

11/7/15 - Turku Modern Music Festival, Finland - Live Set

20/2/15 - Oops Acid, Kavka Antwerp, Belgium - DJ Set


19/12/14 - Bangface Xmas Party, Elektrowerks, London. Live Set

17/11/14 - DJ Chris Moss Acid @ Fnoob Techno Radio - DJ Set

01/11/14 - Don't Halloween Party, Bar 515, London. Live Set
Jerome Hill, Paul Birken, Kirsti, Esther Ofei

1/4/14 - Dj Chris Moss Acid @ Austin Cassell Intergalactic FM - DJ set

10/01/14 - 030303 vs Eindbaas, Ekko, Utrecht, Holland. Live set
Ceephax Acid Crew, 030303 DJ's, Eindbaas Dj's, 8GB


13/12/13 - Ding Dong, The Winchester, Bournemouth UK. DJ Set
princeless, frau DJ's + many more.

8/11/13 - 4zzz, Electric Crush, Brisbane Australia. Radio DJ Set

21/9/13 - Incubate Festival, Tilberg, Holland - Live set
808 state, Tyree, Dj Pierre, Kosmik Kommando, A Guy Called Gerald, Ceephax Acid Crew, Hieroglphic Being

17/8/13 - Aarhus, Lydfestival. Denmark - DJ Set LOADS of Acts 4 day festival

5/7/13 - Pure Radio, Rotterdam, Holland - Live set


7/12/12 - Red Light Radio, Amsterdam, Holland - DJ set
Chris Moss Acid, 030303 DJ's

28/11/12 - JAK, Glasgow, Scotland -Live/DJ Set
Chris Moss Acid Jak DJ's

4/11/12 Suub the prequel, London, DJ Set
chris Moss acid, ??? ??? ??? ???

13/8/12 Tate Modern Gallery, London, UK - Performance
Producer and writer of a track which was shown in the terbine halls exibition by tracey mobrey

22/6/12 - 030303 Acid Edition, Utrecht, Holland - LIVE
Chris Moss Acid, 030303 dj's

6/3/12 - Total Rinse, Brixton, London -DJ Set
Chris Moss Acid, ???, ???


27/5/11 11:00pm - Jesus Club, St. Petersburg, Russia - DJ Set
- Chris Moss Acid - Moralez

, 18/2/11 10.30pm - WNYU Radio, New York, United States - DJ Set
Chris Moss Acid Mega Mix


07/14/2010 10:00 PM -Skitzophreniax , Antwerp, -DJ & Live SET- Spiegeltent Magiq Noordkasteel Oosterweelsteenweg 2030 Antwerpen, Antwerp BelgiumCost:10euros Description:chris moss acid, Ceephax Acid Crew, Shinra, Mr. Gasmask, Midnight Galaxy, Pierre Elitair, Kit Electric and Zuurtegraad

05/08/2010 08:00 PM -The Electronic Resistance, Brussels, -DJ & Live SET- Brussel's uni Belgium Cost:10euros Description:chris moss acid, Microwave, Acid Kirk, L Reak, deeElfe and REM303


12/27/2009 08:00 PM - X-mas Rave, Brighton, -DJ SET- The Volkes Tavern, Brighton Seafront Brighton, South UK Cost:5 Description:Shitmat, Ceephax Acid Crew, Ebola, The Doubtful Guest, chris moss acid, Scrambled ED, countryside alliance crew and Heru + More

04/18/2009 08:00 PM - Artifaktai,"Kauno radijo gamykla", Kuanas, Lithuania Cost:?? Description:ANODO scena acid/ techno/ ebm DJs & Live PA* CHRIS MOSS ACID * (Mathematics, WM, Wrong Music, V/VM Test) / UK - tr606+tr707+tb303+sh101 Live Set ENDIS (VSG) * ( GESTAPO (Ritmika, Copycats) / LV - 3 decks set ASSASSID * (Step Service) PETTE BARONN * (SuperAnalogic)

31/01/2009 09:00 PM - Liquid Club, Malta -Live Set- San Gwann, Malta Cost:10euros Description:Complex Sound sagacity, DMX KREW & Chris Moss Acid [Live]


08/14-15-16/08 10:00PM - ZxZw Festival, Tilburg, Holland NL Cost:20euros Description: DJ Set

04/19/08 10:00PM - McGrubers, Dublin, Ireland Cost:10euros Description: Duran duran duran, the teknoist, chris moss acid, Droon

02/27/2008 08:00 PM - The Volks, Brighton, -Live Set- The Volkes Tavern, Brighton Seafront Brighton, South UK Cost:5 Description:shitmat, scotch egg, chris moss acid + MORE?

02/17/2008 08:00 PM - The Gander, Bournemouth, Dj Set The Gander, Lansdowne Road, Bournemouth Bournemouth, South bh9 UK Cost:TBA Description:2 bands for 30 minutes (tba what bands) 3 hour dj set by chris moss acid (8-12) more info to come soon

02/08/2008 09:00 PM - Bangface Elektrowerkz, torrent street, angel london, London and South East UK Cost:Surgeon, Andy C, Shackleton, Duran Duran Duran, Xanopticon, Captain Ahab, Exillon, Kicks Like a Mule, chris moss acid, Ed Real and St. Acid Description:-TBA-

01/25/2008 11:00 PM - 030303 Ekko, Utrecht Ekko, Bemuurdeweerd westzijde 3 Utrecht, Utrecht NL Cost:6 euros Description:030303 PARTY Vrijdag 25 januari 2008 Chris Moss Acid live Wrong Music, UK TLR live Creme Organization, NL 030303 DJs 03030303030303 23.00 - 04.00 | Doorsale: 8,- | Ekko, Bemuurdeweerd westzijde 3, Utrecht


10/23/2007 11:00 PM - 104.4 Resonance Fm London - Live Set London/Global Radio, London and South East UK Cost:Free Description:The Return Of Resonance Fms Underplayed Hosted by Mully - Live Acid Sets By The Doughtful Guest and Chris Moss Acid and lots of underplayed music! Listen in the london area by tuning in to 104.4fm or log on and hear it live on i can assure you this will be crazy lets get it on!

09/28/2007 10:00 PM - Wired @ The Ibar - Bournemouth - LIVE SET Ibar Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth Bournemouth, bh8 0jz UK Cost:3 after 12 Description: THE WIRED > Chris Moss Acid (LIVE) + Steen Mottley + Audio Slut Tagline: Acieeeeed! Host: ibar Type: Party - Night of Mayhem Time and Place Start Time: Friday, September 28, 2007 at 10:00pm End Time: Saturday, September 29, 2007 at 5:00am Location: ibar City/Town: Bournemouth

09/20/2007 09:00 PM - ANTI-THEORY - IBAR - DJ SET 15 Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth, Bournemouth, Southwest BH8 8EH UK Cost:3 Description:Line-up for ANTI-THEORY is as follows... LIVE ACTS-9pm-11:30pm RANDOM LOOP GENERATOR MICHAEL WOOKEY LANGUAGE TIMOTHY DILDANO 11.30pm - 12.14am DJ SET: CHRIS MOSS ACID

07/21/2007 09:45 PM - Guest Mixer Spin 103.8 FM the radio or dublin, Dublin IE Cost:FREE Description:Chris Moss Acid Mega Mix - 9.45pm till 10.45pm Turn Your Radio Dial to 103.8fm in Ireland or Stream It Live at

06/16/2007 08:00 PM - RECKNO - Bournemouth The Gander - Lansdowne Road, Bournemouth Bournemouth, Bh8 0jz UK Cost:5 Description:RECKNO - The Gander Presents: True Swamp Neglect, kitanja and Agaskodo Teliverek. Followed by a Live Acid Rince By Chris Moss Acid from 11 till late playing all the hits

06/03/2007 08:00 PM - Dusk Till Dawn - Bournemouth old christchurch road Bournemouth, UK Cost:2 Description:Dj chris moss acid playing the hits set, using laptop and vinyls.

05/22/2007 08:00 PM - Fantasy Palace - Bournemouth 46 - 48 St Swithuns Road, Bournemouth,, Dorset BH UK Cost:Members only! Description:15 minute live acid rince with topless dancers! woo

04/06/2007 10:00 PM - Corsica Studios - London Corsica Studios, Elephant & castle London, London and South East UK Cost:5 Description: A night of Acid for Acid Lovers and Nice People and a free CD for everyone from the people behind the Tube Station raves ----- luke vibert rephlex / planet mu / warp mike paradinas planet mu ardisson seed the doubtful guest planet mu / seed plex djs plex kone-r uncharted audio richard wigglesworth herb recordings chris moss acid wrong music mully wrong music felson delta 9 the one man rave machine lo recordings + more to be announced

1/3/2007 08:00 PM - Timbuk2 - Bristol - Live Set Description:STFU & Rave - Ladyscraper - Chevron's ACid Sandwich - Chris Moss Acid - Scotchegg (TBC) - Dj Floorclearer (TBA)

22/2/2007 - Volks - Brighton - DJ Set
Description:Wrong Music @ The Volks , Brighton, Thurs 22nd Feb 10pm-4am 5 Luke Vibert Shitmat Chevron iTAL tEK Hot Roddy Dj Chris Moss Acid and many more! dress code: suits of armour We are back at the Volks for the first Wrong Wrave of 2007 so make sure you are also!

20/2/2007 - Instrumentality - Fortune of War, Brighton - Live Set
Description:Instrumentality: Tuesday the 20th Feb an 'acid bukkake'. There will be: Ghost explorer - 303 + 606 + 707 + FX Chris Moss Acid - 303 + 606 + 707 + 101 + 123 + Badmington Racket Reteric - 101 + Machine Drum Voltek - Sequential special - Drumtraks + 2x Pro One + (MS20)

02/2/2007 - The Portman, Bounemouth EXPLODiNG PLASTiC iNEViTABLE - Live Set

Description:Full line-up confirmation Fri 2nd Feb @ The Portman Green Room Bands: DUBHEART PEE PEE GLOWGLOBES Technologists: BLACK PEPPER (laptop) CHRIS MOSS (live 303 ACID tweekage) Visuals: NIC BEARD (live camcorder feedback) GEORGE LUCAS (A New Hope) TERRY GILLIAM (Baron Munchausen) JOE MASSOT (Wonderwall) Decks: PHOTOSONIC MUSE MIND MACHINE (curator)


12/12/2006 - Ocean Rooms, Brighton - Wrong Music Very-Wrong Christmas Extravaganza - Live Set
Description:Wrong Music & Net Lab Crew IMPORTANT: Bring your ID whatever your age!! Security is strict. Drinks Promos!! 1.50 Stella 2 shots & absolut vodka The last big Wrong Music this year!

8/12/2006 - Bangface - London - Xmas party - Live Set

7/9/2006 - Timbuk2, Bristol - Live Set
Description:NOTE* this was original at the arc bar but the venue has been changed to Timbuk2 Doormouse, Kiki.ill, Ebola, Chris Moss Acid, MDMA, A!k()n, Scrubber Fox, Tophee Cheesecake, Jilk, and Parasite/Gusset.

24/8/2006 - Bullit, Tamworth, Birmingham - Fracture Presents: Wrong Music - Live/DJ set
Description: wrong music in the midlands, live PA set

17/8/2006 - Brighton - Wrong Music 4th Birthday Party - DJ Set
Description:==//Massive Wrong Music Birthday Bash//== FREE entry!! HUGE 50-act lineup!! Massive show. This venue WILL fill, so turn up early! Breakspeare (a.k.a CEEPHAX ACID CREW!!)SHITMAT,DJ SCOTCH EGG,TIM EXILE,CHEVRON,CHRIS MOSS ACID VOLTEK,LADYSCRAPER,FLOORCLEARER,GROSS CONSUMER

Description:B A N G F A C E ! ! ! Live Shellsuit acid battle with mully! Bangface never fails to impress...v. exited about htis one! lineup ALTERN 8 / LUKE VIBERT / BODENSTANDIG 2000 / NICKY BLACKMARKET / C64 / LFO DEMON / CHRIS MOSS ACID & MULLY / SAINT ACID

5/4/2006 - Alcatraz, Bournemouth W/ SHITMAT - Live Set

26/4/2006 - Drop Beats not Bombs, The Custard Factory, Birmingham - Live Set
Description:Drop Beats Not Bombs 4-Day Festival - Custard Factory, Birmingham, UK Wednesday 26th April 2006 9.00pm until 3.00 am Launch Party with Planet Mu and Wrong Music Wednesday Apr , 2006. From 9:00 PM Custard Factory Arts Complex Gibb Street Birmingham, UK Pool Marquee: Mike P Ceefax Acid Crew Tim Exile Chevron DJ Scotch Egg Oen Flux Ladyscraper Keykeeper & Tempos Medicine Bar: Ove-Nax Mully Chris Moss Acid DJ Floorclearer Ital Tek TEEPOP (danish gabber big band) The Kitchen Bar: Hot Roddy Roger Species Judith Priest Bunglegushcore Moronic Dance Music Association The Gross Consumer Theatre: Films from the Chelmsford Film Society Plus many more acts to be confirmed 1 Day Tickets are priced at 5 each day Full 4-Day festival tickets are priced at 15 100% of all profit donated to Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and Campaign Against The Arms Trade Info: 07905 131220 or 07960 136372 26 April 2006 // from: 9-3

17/4/2006 - Resonance FM, London, UK. - Live Set

31/3/2006 - Alcatraz, Bournemouth - Luke Vibert & people - Live Set (303/606 only)

13/3/2006 - The Gander, Bournemouth - Live Set
Bournemouth's Egon Spengler Return with loads of electronica and all that... Chris Moss Acid Live Mental Rave SET Maybe some more live acts ect;

11/3/2006 - The Gander, Bournemouth - Live Set
Description:Saturday 11th March - The Gander (above karma) - Bournemouth - Chris Moss Acid 2hour Live Acid House set

10/3/2006 - Wrong Music @ The Volks Tavern, Brighton Sea Front Brighton, UK - Live Set
Description:toecutter, xian, Stig, Voletec + a lorry load of shit more This one will be a mental acid tip, expect lots of noise and whistling, and the Acid

25/2/2006 - Public Life - w/ ceephax, chris moss acid, mully
Bricklane, shoreditch London - Live Set


25/11/2005 - Alcatraz, Bournemouth - Live Set
Description:Chris Moss Acid goes mental in a dustbin: 1hr 30mins + all kinds of acid, drum n bass, ambient and hardcore..laptop/707/303. also with The Medic, Cycro, Rude NHS, Krafy Rascals, Stencil dj's belter 11pm-6am

11/11/2005 - W?tBar, Bournemouth - DJ Set

6/8/2005 K-Bar, Bournemouth - Dj Set

Chris Clark, Chris Moss Acid & House of the stone monkey